Sales Podcasts to Listen to Monday - Friday: Elevate Your B2B Selling Game

Sarah Close

As B2B sales complexities rise, professionals must adapt swiftly. What better way to ramp up fast than podcasts? Crank up the volume and get ready to learn from these sure-fire hits, curated especially for strategic sellers.

In today's rapidly shifting economic landscape, B2B sales professionals face unique challenges. Staying ahead requires not just skill, but continuous learning and adaptation. Podcasts have emerged as a vital resource for on-the-go sales professionals, offering valuable insights, strategies, and stories from the trenches. This post guides you through a curated list of sales podcasts, perfect for your Monday to Friday routine, to enhance your selling prowess.

Why Podcasts Matter in Sales

Podcasts offer an unparalleled blend of convenience and depth. They transform your commute, workout, or coffee break into a learning session. For B2B sellers, this means staying abreast of the latest trends, tactics, and success stories without having to sacrifice precious time.

Recommended Podcasts


Make it Happen Mondays

What it's about: Host John Barrows discusses effective prospecting, humor in sales, and transitioning into advanced sales roles.

Why we like it: It's perfect for sales reps seeking tangible, actionable advice to improve their sales techniques. Bonus? Kickstarting your week with some good laughs.

Where to find it:


The Advanced Selling Podcast

What it's about: Hosted by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, this podcast offers a wide range of sales topics from buyer resistance to sales forecasting.

Why we like it: Its longevity (over 850 episodes!) and the hosts' extensive experience make it a reliable source of practical sales advice. We also appreciate the bite-sized insights you can use to start the day out strong.

Where to find it:


Sales Gravy

What it's about: Jeb Blount's podcast covers essential sales skills, sales management, and emotional intelligence in sales.

Why we like it: The podcast's range of topics and the host's expertise provide a comprehensive look at the sales process. It’s a great midweek listen to gut-check your competencies.

Where to find it:


Sales Success Stories

What it's about: Hosted by Scott Ingram, this podcast showcases top sellers from various industries, providing consistent, innovative perspectives from industry leaders.

Why we like it: It's a treasure trove of real-world experiences from top-performing sales professionals, offering actionable insights and diverse, winning strategies. Even better: The podcast is accompanied by daily sales tips on the website for quick learning.

Where to find it:


The Official SaaStr Podcast

What it's about: This podcast focuses on insights from tech leaders, covering sales team management and industry trends.

Why we like it: It offers a forward-thinking perspective, ideal for those in tech sales and SaaS.

Where to find it:

Want more for your weekend?

Unwind your brain and expand your learning with these additional podcasts:

The Art of Charm: For mastering personal development and relationship building.

The Mindset Mentor: Essential for cultivating mental resilience in the demanding field of sales.

Sales Pipeline Radio: Offers a broad perspective on B2B sales and marketing strategies.

Incorporating these podcasts into your weekly routine can significantly impact your sales approach and career growth. They offer a mix of inspiration, strategy, and practical tips tailored for the dynamic world of B2B sales. Got more favorites we haven’t covered? Drop them in the conversation in our forum here.

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