Introducing SRM

Strategic Relationship Management is about expanding your connection with customers by aligning around a clear understanding of customer need. Learn why SRM evolved, what today's buyers really need, and how strategic relationships are they key to driving value.

Introducing Strategic Relationship Management

83 minutes

Sales is both science and art. You need to navigate between strategy and execution seamlessly to build pipeline and close deals. When you’re in balance, the stage is set for enterprise-level partnerships. But lately, sales feels like a numbers game–more Linkedin connections, more emails, and more calls. When activity supersedes strategy, you miss opportunities to make connections with the right people - customers with a business case you can solve. You didn’t get into sales to follow a template. Ready to stop doing more for the sake of doing more? Databook, the power behind the Strategic Sales Network, announces something big that’s all about putting your skills as a connector, as a human, back into your sales motion.

The Rise of the Strategic Buyer

60 minutes

Ask any salesperson and they’ll tell you: today’s B2B buyer is a different breed. Buyers have access to a wealth of information, allowing them to know almost everything about a vendor before the first sales call. When you come to the table talking about your product, you’re wasting their time–they already know. We’ve entered the era of the strategic buyer. Is your GTM team prepared to meet buyers where they are? Watch as Jill Rowley, Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, Scott Barghaan, and Kassidy Bird offer a reality check on how buyers have changed, and how your sales strategy needs to adapt or be left behind. You’ll learn:

  • Why 70% of buyers say sales reps are unprepared to answer their questions
  • How to get back to what really matters—your customer’s current, urgent priorities
  • How your sales team must adapt to the new world order

The Strategic Sales Gap

58 minutes

Today’s salespeople and revenue teams are under pressure like never before. This means we’re forced to rely on tools that deliver automation and scale, not customer value and strategic relationships. Dime-a-dozen tactical sales tools that deliver canned pitches for a handful of personas, generic sales intelligence data, and marketing automation that creates superficial “personalization” aren’t closing big deals. Salespeople and revenue teams are forced into generic, low-value sales conversations—because that’s all the tools will allow. It’s time to fight back against mechanized sales. Join Craig Rosenberg & Tony Gilbert for a conversation on how sales and revenue leaders can lead the charge and transform the way their teams approach selling to provide real value to customers, and close bigger, better deals.

Tell a More Valuable Story

60 minutes

Valuable stories aren’t written by sellers or marketers. They come from the customer. Because they are the only ones who can actually define value: what’s in it for me? Top salespeople find greater success by unlocking the ability to tell more valuable stories by connecting to prospects’ real, urgent pains. This results in meaningful, strategic relationships. Watch our expert panel of sellers—Carson Heady from Microsoft, Jimmy Oyeniyi from Databricks, and Michael Ristic from Anaplan—for a discussion on how to tell more valuable stories that lead to bigger, better deals.

How to Know What They Know Before They Know It

60 minutes

SRM puts the customer’s strategy at the apex of your pitch—at scale. Salespeople can’t add value if they don’t know their customers inside and out. Today’s salespeople need to weave together their customers’ strategic priorities and financial pain into a narrative that frames their company’s use cases in their customer’s context. Oh, and you definitely don’t need an MBA to do this. Watch to learn how to form strategic relationships that plot a direct path between the customer’s strategic needs and the value your solution promises. We’ll share:

  • How to identify financial pain and where to find this information
  • How to know what your customers’ executive leadership wants
  • How to master the strategic sales story to wow executives and land bigger deals

Strategic Seller Scorecard

Ready to test your strategic selling savvy? Take our quick, interactive quiz and uncover the truth about your SRM skills, buyer awareness, and the strategic sales gap.

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