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The Strategic Sales Network is a place where enterprise sellers can learn and grow in their personal and professional careers – right away.

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Enterprise sales is a different animal. Surround yourself with strategic sellers that make big deals happen and learn directly from the best.

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This network is built around fostering relationships. From online interactions to in-person meetups, we’re putting the human back into enterprise sales.

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Resources? Check. Downloadable templates? Check. Tips and strategies from leading sellers who hit 200% of quota? Check. The SSN will help you transform every deal into a strategic relationship.

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This isn’t just a newsletter or an aimless slack group. Everything in the Strategic Sales Network is personalized to you.

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Today’s Hot Topic

Authenticity in a scripted world: how do you do it? – Asked by DeJuan B.

Stop Selling by the Numbers

What Does Good Strategy Look Like?

You know the necessary elements of a good sales strategy. But getting those elements off paper and into the real world can be tricky. Here, sales veteran Drew O'Brien offers detailed insight and examples of good strategy in practical scenarios.

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Wow the C-Suite: Video Series

Preparing for an executive meeting? This video series covers everything you need to know—from research to conversation to deliverables. Take your C-suite meeting game to the next level for higher-value deals.

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Business Fundamentals for Enterprise Sales

Gain tactical strategies tailored for professional sellers in search of bigger, better, and faster deals. Learn how to pinpoint a customer’s most urgent business needs using public investor data, then craft a specific point-of-view to grab C-suite attention. No MBA required!

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Great connections with winning sellers, resources that will actually help you turn off your computer sooner, events you’ll actually want to join – what’s not to like? There’s no reason not to join.

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