The Real Deal with Dave Graswick

In this edition of The Real Deal, veteran sales expert David Graswick answers four questions that show how a focus on preparation and efficiency can make a significant difference in driving sales success, particularly amidst today’s economic obstacles.

MEDDIC Sales Methodology Guide & Template

Too often companies focus on generating as many leads as possible. Instead, they should be focused on qualifying (and disqualifying) leads so the sales team doesn’t waste their time on the ones that will never progress to wins. The MEDDIC sales methodology does just that.

3 Reasons Elite Sellers Embrace Strategic Relationship Management

Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) is about deepening and expanding your connection with customers by aligning around a clear understanding of their needs. This is in many ways something that the highest performing salespeople have been actively working at for years. So what did they know that other sellers didn’t? And...