Selling to the C-Suite

Wow the C-Suite: Video Series

Preparing for an executive meeting? This video series covers everything you need to know—from research to conversation to deliverables. Take your C-suite meeting game to the next level for higher-value deals.

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If you want to win high-dollar deals, you have to start at the top. Period.

In enterprise sales, almost every opportunity involves the C-Suite. You’re going to run into a CFO, CEO, CMO, CTO, CRO, or other insert-middle-initial-here during your deal. Can you prove that you know their business, pain, and priorities to seal the deal?

The Strategic Sales Network is here to help. From covering business fundamentals you need to tailor your sales strategy to real priorities to skills and tools you’ll need to sell to executives, we’ve got tools and templates you can use right now to help turn the trickiest deal into a 7-figure close. All with a network of top sellers who crush their quota by using these strategies.

Data + Emails = Meetings: Video Series

Booking meetings through cold outreach can be tough—unless you know the secret formula for success. In these videos, we explain why data is the differentiator, what kind of personalization works best, and how to research and write without overworking yourself, even when sending at scale.

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Email Templates That Get Executive Meetings

Updated for 2024! Mechanized spam cannons won't cut it anymore. Executive buyers only engage when your email outreach recognizes their company's strategic priorities and financial pain. These new templates are based on Databook's executive research study, chock full of insights to help you connect with the right buyer in the right way.

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29 Financial Terms Every Seller Needs to Know

How well do you understand the basics of your customers' financial performance? This glossary covers the go-to vocabulary every strategic seller's account plan should reference.

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