Sales Strategy

Strategy is your path to the President's Club.

Ever heard a word so many times it becomes completely meaningless? Welcome to “strategy” in enterprise sales. But strategy is much more than just a buzzword.

Sellers who build strategies based on a clear understanding of their customers’ needs close bigger, better deals. And those who aren’t strategic? Well, a Google search can fill in a buyer’s blanks just the same.

Real sales strategies help you stand out and close the deal by creating value for your customers above all else, differentiating your solution from competitors, and building long-term relationships. To build an effective strategy, you need:

  1. A strong understanding of your customer’s business
  2. To align your objectives with the customer’s goals
  3. Defined success metrics, on the customer’s terms

Becoming a strategic seller takes practice and skill, but we’ve got a ton of resources crafted by sellers who 2x their quota for you to get started. Build real relationships with your customers at every step.

What Does Good Strategy Look Like?

You know the necessary elements of a good sales strategy. But getting those elements off paper and into the real world can be tricky. Here, sales veteran Drew O'Brien offers detailed insight and examples of good strategy in practical scenarios.

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The SRM Pledge

Strategic Sellers add value for customers in everything they do. When you commit to being a strategic seller and put in the necessary work, you win more. And you win bigger. That’s what Strategic Relationship Management is all about.

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Introducing SRM

Strategic Relationship Management is about expanding your connection with customers by aligning around a clear understanding of customer need. Learn why SRM evolved, what today's buyers really need, and how strategic relationships are they key to driving value.

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Strategic Seller Scorecard

Is your strategic sales gap showing? This short quiz lets you benchmark your skills and expertise against other sellers. See what your score says about your SRM smarts and how savvy you are when it comes to meeting the needs of today's buyers.

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What is Strategic Relationship Management?

SRM is a go-to-market process for deepening and expanding your connection with customers by aligning around a clear understanding of customer need.

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